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którego celem jest zintegrowanie działań podejmowanych przez nauczyciela, uczniów i ich rodziców w zakresie nauki języka angielskiego na I etapie edukacyjnym (klasy 1-3).


Teachers often take it for granted that that parents will get involved in their kid’s school education; that they will help their kid to get ready for the classes, do homework and assignments, revise the material for tests and exams, and the like. But are parents willing to take on a role like this? Are they prepared for this kind of work, especially as far as foreign language learning is concerned?

The project
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started in September 2014 in three lower primary classes (students aged 6/7 years old) in Poland. This site documents day-to-day work pupils are involved in during English classes at school and how this can be supported and extended at home.

About the author:
Sylwia holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham in the field of teacher training for early foreign language education. She has taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at all levels (ranging from kindergarten to adult English for Special Purposes) for over 20 years and been involved in EFL teacher education. She is currently researching home-school relationships and teacher-parent communication in EFL context.



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